McDade Waterworks offers a full range of pipe, fittings, valves and accessories for any size project.

Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings
  • Ductile Iron Pipe from (3” to 64”)
  • Fabricated Flanged Pipe (3” to 64”)
  • Mechanical Joint, Push–On, Factory Restrained, Flanged and Victaulic Grooved
  • Mechanical Joint Fittings, Flange Fittings, Victaulic Grooved Fittings
  • Cement Lined
  • Ceramic Epoxy Lined (Protecto 401 and others)
  • Glass Lined
  • Various Exterior Primers
Brands: U.S. Pipe, McWane, Tyler Union, Star, and Sigma

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Pipe and Fittings
  • Carbon Steel Pipe and Fittings
  • Stainless Steel Pipe, Fittings and Tubing
  • Aluminum Pipe and Fittings
  • Flat Bar, Sheet, Bar, Channel, Etc.
  • Pipe and Fittings are available loose or prefabricated to your requirements

PVC and HDPE Pipe & Fittings
  • DR14, 18 and 25 C900 & C905 PVC Pressure Pipe & Fittings
  • SDR35, SDR26 & F679 Gravity Pipe & Fittings
  • Schedule 40 & 80 PVC Pipe and Fittings
  • HDPE Pipe and Fittings (All Types and Sizes)
  • Fabrication, Threading, Grooving and Welding are Available
  • JM Eagle, Diamond, North American, Plastic Trends, Specified


AWWA Gate Valves and Fire Hydrants

  • M&H, Kennedy, Clow, USP Valve & Hydrant, Mueller

AWWA Butterfly Valves

  • DeZurik, Kennedy/Clow, Val-Matic and Golden Anderson

Eccentric Plug Valves

  • DeZurik, Kennedy/Clow/M&H, Val-Matic and Golden Anderson

Check Valves

  • Swing, Air & Oil Cushioned, Tilted Disc, Rubber Flapper, Globe, Double Door
  • M&H, Kenndy, Clow, APCO, Crispin, Golden-Anderson, Duo-Chek, Technocheck

Air Release Valves

  • APCO, Crispin, GA, Vent-O-Mat, ARI

Sluice Gates, Slide Gates, Telescoping Valves, Mud Valves

  • Waterman, Rodney Hunt, Trumbull, Troy, Halliday, Fresno

Pinch Valves

  • Red Valve & Onyx

Knife Gate Valves

  • DeZurik, Hilton, LVC, Red Valve

Control Valves

  • Ames/Watts, Bermad, Cla-val, Singer, Ross

We have retrofitted gate, butterfly, plug and slide-gate valves with electric operators.

Electric Actuators (New Applications and Retro-fits)
  • Rotork
  • Limitorque
  • EIM
  • AUMA


Couplings, Flange Adapters, Transition Couplings, Tapping Sleeves, Tapping Saddles

  • Baker Coupling, JCM Industries, Smith-Blair, Dresser, Ebaa Iron

Expansion Joints (Rubber and Stainless)

  • Mercer, General Rubber, Proco, Red Valve, Una-Flex, U.S. Bellows

Floor Drains & Cleanouts

  • Josam, Zurn

Shower & Eyewashes

  • Bradley, Haws, Acorn

Pressure Gauges, Transmitters, Flowswitches, Limit Switches

  • McDaniel, Winters, Ashcroft, Rosemount, Dwyer, Allen-Bradley

Wall Sleeves (Galv, SS, PVC, HDPE) & Annular Seals

Pipe Supports (All Types and Configurations)

Swagelok Tubing, Fittings and Valves

  • Mechanical Joint Wrenches
  • Extension Stems
  • T-Handle Wrenches
  • Soil Probes
  • Many More – Visit Trumbull Industries